AVAL KM11 PLUS - PLASTICISED ADHESIVE general purpose adhesive (C1TE type)


Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, corridors, stairs and small decorative elements on the outside of the buildings – permanently fixes tiles wherever the application of deformable adhesive is not required.

Levels mineral substrates – can be used to fill in the surface of walls and jointless floors.
Enables bricklaying with thin joint – the adhesive can be used for small bricklaying works during finishing interiors.
Extension of range of applications possible – after combining with ATLAS ELASTIC EMULSION, the adhesive can be used on substrates exposed to heat and mechanical deformation, e.g. plasterboards, floor heating or wall heating.

The main characteristics

  • easy and nice to work with
  • for bathrooms, kitchens, corridors
  • for small façade decorative elements
  • extended open time and reduced slip
  • enables leveling mineral substrates

The main parameters

  • consumption: ca. 1.5 kg of dry mix / 1 m² / 1 mm adhesive layer
  • adhesion: min. 0.5 N/mm²
  • bed thickness: 2 - 10 mm

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