ATLAS SEALING TAPE - elements of ATLAS WODER E sealing system - per line meter

ATLAS SEALING TAPE- elements of ATLAS WODER E sealing system

Elements of ATLAS WODER E sealing system.
Designed for sealing specific places (embedded in WODER E, WODER W or WODER DUO foil):
• SEALING TAPE – 120 mm wide (central stripe - 70 mm, perforated side stripes - 25 mm) and 0.65 mm thick band - for the edges of walls and subfloors and for expansion joints,

The main characteristics
• sealing of edges and expansion joints
• highly flexible
• for balconies and terraces
• for bathrooms, kitchens and cellars
• element of the sealing system

The main parameters
● thickness 0.65 mm
● maximum pressure 3.30 bar
● Temperature resistance: from -30°C up to +90°C

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