Śnieżka Max Latex HD (snow-white - 10L.)


Śnieżka Max Latex is amatt latex paint intended for painting interior walls and ceilings. The product ensures high efficiency -up to 16m²/L (with one painting only) by taking advantage of HI-DEF White System, based on top quality selected components. Thanks to aunique composition of components we can obtain asnow-white coat resistant to scrubbing and multiple washing. The product does not splatter during painting, features fast application and excellent coverage, which contributes to fast performance of painting works.

Additionally, the paint contains very low VOC (max. 5g/l). Supported by Green Idea.

For interior use on mineral substrates as well as gypsum, concrete, aerated concrete, cardboard gypsum panels, fibreglass wallpapers, wood and wood-based materials.

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