CEKOL GS-20 gypsum based adhesive


CEKOL GS-20 is used for gluing cardboard-gypsum panels and gypsum (stuccowork) elements to concrete, bricks and gypsum blocks. It may be used only inside buildings.


CEKOL GS-20 is a dry mixture of synthetic gypsum, mineral fillers as well as modifying and refining additives. CEKOL GS-20 is a biological, non-toxic and easy to use product.


CEKOL GS-20 has an excellent adherence to concrete, bricks, gypsum blocks as well as cardboard-gypsum panels. The surface should be clean, compact and free from grease. Steel elements should have anticorrosion protection applied beforehand. Paints, loose sand and plaster particles must be removed.

Note: Strongly absorbable surfaces should be primed with CEKOL DL-80 priming emulsion in advance.

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