CEKOL CS-12 special highly elastic frost- and water-resistant tile adhesive


CEKOL CS-12 thanks to the special hydrophobic additives, is specially recommended for glueing ceramic linings in swimming pools, fountains, on balconies and terraces. It may also be used for glueing of ceramic, grit, stone and glass tiles as well as mineral wool and foamed polystyrene elements to bricks, concrete, gas concrete, ceramsit blocks, gypsum panels and blocks and stable wood bases. In order to achieve watertightness, the plaster should be applied to the whole base surface. CEKOL CS-12 may also be used on warmed-up surfaces, for surface smoothing and stopping.


CEKOL CS-12 is ahighly elastic, non-absorbable, watertight, frost and heating resistant adhesive plaster for use inside and outside buildings. It is aproductive, practical, easy to use and non-toxic product in application and use. CEKOL CS-12 may be used in living accommodations and public buildings (e.g. nurseries, infant schools, hospitals, restaurants, stores, refrigerated compartments etc.).

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