CEKOL C-45 Finisz, white plaster compound for thin layers.


CEKOL C-45 FINISZ is a plaster compound based on top-quality white natural materials, binders and modifiers. It is used for smoothing and patching the surfaces prior to painting and for obtaining decorative surfaces. For indoor use only, in dry rooms on mineral substrates such as bricks, concrete, gypsum plaster, seasoned cement or lime-cement plaster, plasterboards, as well as acrylic paint coats which adequate adhesion to substrate. In drywall systems, it is used as a finishing plaster compound.


CEKOL C-45 FINISZ is particularly recommended for final surface smoothing prior to painting. It is simple to smoothen and leaves a perfectly silky and white surface easy to paint. Does not yellow by exposure to light. When it is dry, all paint types can be applied on it. CEKOL C-45 FINISZ is also recommended for mechanical application with suitable machines and tools.
CEKOL C-45 FINISZ conforms with EN 13963 - finishing compound, type 2A.

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