CEKOL C-40 Special patching mortar for pointing of plasterboards without the use of tape


CEKOL C-40 is an excellent material for pointing of cardboard-gypsum panels without a strengthening tape. CEKOL C-40 may also be used for filling of scratches and cracks on the wall and ceiling surfaces.


CEKOL C-40 is a dry mixture of high quality gypsum, fillers and modifying substances. It is used for pointing of cardboard-gypsum and gypsum panels. CEKOL C-40 is non-toxic in application and use. It is easy to use, with very good functional qualities. With a wide range of additives, CEKOL C-40 is a product of enhanced strength and elasticity, which allows to resign of the use of tape. CEKOL C-40 should be used only inside buildings. Ground, after full setting, with properly selected abrasive paper or polycarbonate mesh, it gives ideally smooth surface.

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