CEKOL B-45 FINISH ready-to-use plaster compound.


CEKOL B-45 FINISH is a ready-to-use plastercompound, based on acrylic dispersion and top quality fillers. It is used to smoothen the surface and patch holes before painting, as well as to obtain decorative surfaces. The product can be applied manually or by machine using suitable tools and equipment. Combined with a mechanical application option, CEKOL B-45 FINISH is a perfect supplement for finishing plaster works with gypsum plasters. The compound is plastic, easily workable, and easy to grind when dried. When it is dry, all paint types can be applied on it.


Cekol B-45 FINISH can be used indoors on cement or gypsum substrates, plasterboards, seasoned traditional cement-lime plasters and acrylic paint coats with high surface adhesiveness. When dried, it is an exceptionally smooth surface, with colour similar to that of seasoned gypsum plasters.

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