Designed for fixing tiles of high absorption, made of natural and artificial stone, e.g. marble – the adhesive contains white cement and does not cause discolouration that might appear in contact with grey cement.

Perfect for fixing glass mosaic and glass-hollow blocks – due to high adhesiveness and white cement.
It is recommended for fixing tiles exposed to extremely difficult usage conditions – caused by non-standard deformation of the substrate and adverse weather conditions.
Ideal for tiles exposed to deformation – due to its high flexibility, it perfectly absorbs strain:
  • caused by temperature - on balconies, terraces, façades, floor and wall heating systems,
  • mechanical – on wooden floors, plasterboards, flabby partition walls, on flexible watertight insulation foil systems like WODER E or WODER DUO.
Enables fixing tiles on difficult substrates – like: OSB panels, terrazzo, "tile on tile", as well as strongly adhered paint coatings (e.g. oil paint dado), bitumen (after parquets) and adhesives (after PVC tiles), etc.

The main characteristics
  • no discolouration of marble and natural stone
  • high plasticity, adhesiveness and deformability S1
  • for glass mosaic and stone cladding
  • for terraces, façades and heating systems, fireplaces
  • for difficult substrates – OSB panels, plasterboards, existing tiles

The main parameters
  • consumption: ca. 1.5 kg of dry mix / 1 m² / 1 mm adhesive layer
  • deformability S1
  • bed thickness: 2 - 10 mm
  • high adhesion: ≥ 1 N/mm²

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